iSTEMCare was founded in 2020 with the goal of creating global and supportive STEM (Science, Technology Engineering, & Mathematics) community worldwide. We are diverse group of STEM professionals including students, research scientists, educators, communicators, illustrators, & industry professionals across the globe who like to work togather to produce variety of professional development content, provide resources, mentoring & help all of you navigate the STEM career paths more productively.

At iSTEMCare, our mission statement is  “Sharing is Caring”. We believe in building a resourceful, and resilient STEM community and support system by providing all with great ideas and effective strategies so everyone of us can thrive and soar high!

iSTEMCare is:

Evidence – driven
Diverse & Inclusive
Free – access

Kind & Compassionate

To strive towards 360o empowerment of STEM community across the globe 

We believe in resourceful & resilient support system to the STEM community

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