Human knowledge embodies the world around it. We innovate and discover as inspired by the workings of the universe. But innovating or making discoveries in seclusion hinders progress, whether at an individual or community level. So the saying, ‘Communication is the key’ fits the bill perfectly.

At iSTEMCare, we solemn by the expression and thus work towards the cause of STEM communication. STEM communication entails communicating the science and its process to the lay audiences in a relatable, easy-to-understand manner that makes them open to scientific thinking and inquiry. In return, the STEM professionals also gain insight into how society perceives science and which problems need to be solved. 

To support the cause of STEM communication, we bring you STEM communication education and training. We aim to create a conducive space for enthusiasts to learn more about communication science via our educational materials and training. By bringing the experts from different areas of STEM communication, we offer all the skills, insights, and capabilities in one place.

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