Summary of Career Navigation Workshop

What?: Career Navigation Workshop was held by iSTEMCare in association with Dr. Rima Dey (Ph.D) confident personality coach

When & Where?: Held virtually on 31st July , 2021 at 7:30pm IST / 9am CST / 10am EST on  Zoom platform as well as in YouTube

Key learnings:

  • Comprehensive details of Career Navigation
  • What are the various  key skill sets and key motivators?
  • How to analyse yourself?
  • Identifying our key skill sets and key motivators and the way of alignment
  • Personalized Career Navigation assessment to know yourself better

Who? Attended by 200 registered participants from 124 institutions worldwide in which there were students, researchers, industry professionals and more.

How? With help of 16 “STEMLearning” Team members who contributed in organizing the event and helped to make the workshop a successful one

Watch Event Highlights Here:

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Author: Priya Dharssini Saravanan

Graphics: Tausif Ahmed Sayed

Video: Dr. Rima Dey & Dr. Pawan Upadhyay

Organizing Team

Registration & Communications: Liza Changkakoti, Smrita Chaudhury

Outreach: Meenal, Liza Changkakoti, Tausif Ahmed Sayed , Karthick Raj S M K, Nikita Nimbark , Deepak Iyer, PhD, Isha Parlikar , Dr Jyotirmoi Aich, Sneh Lata Gupta

Graphics:  Nikita Nimbark , Ritvi Shah

Moderation: Deepak Iyer, PhD, Rahul Pandey, PhD

Facilitators: Tausif Ahmed Sayed , Tah Rene Mih, Santhoshi S , Smrita Chaudhury, Meenal Batra, Liza Changkakoti, Karthick Raj S M K, Deepak Iyer, PhD, Sneh Lata Gupta

Conceptions & Idea: Dr. Rima Dey & Dr. Pawan Upadhyay

Testimonial by Partcipants

I am very much passionate to become consultant in Career Development . When I saw this Course promotion during the COVID-19 , I felt in love with it and I just go for it. Going through the course, I discover tremendous wisdom shared my experts whom have build successful career regardless of what monstrous challenges they encountered. I resonated so much with all the knowledge and proven wisdom shared by the quest expert.s. I learn how to harness habits, LinkedIn, Reworking, Net-weaving, authentic relationship and mentors to grow my career. I am very satisfied with the webinar content. Thanks very much, Go Learn and take your Career to the next level like a storm with IStem

Jayant Soni (Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur)

It was my first experience to attend such a great motivational program. The speaker was to the point and her way of describing things, I found unique. The session was much interactive, though a bit lengthy but the speaker’s interactive approach made it easier to sit. Mentor guided well in our breakout session, she helped me know more about iSTEMCare and how I can connect to the globe easily. I would like to thank the entire team of iSTEMCare for such an exceptional initiative and I wish more such sessions that we can have in future too.

Sthitaprajna Nath Sharma, Ph.D. (Ravenshaw University)

First of all, I am happy that I came to know about the workshop early. I was completely burned out and lost in the maze of career. This workshop helped me a lot to know more about myself and I felt that so many are there like me. Thanks to Dr Rima and Dr Pawan and the whole team for organizing a quality rich workshop. I am looking forward to volunteer and participate in the future workshops and sessions through iSTEMCare.

Kothai S, Ph.D. (CEG, Anna University)

I am totally impressed with all panel member of iSTEMCare. they are so humble and high degree of knowledge of their respective field specially RIMA DEY ma’am. She solve all quarry regarding carrer navigation as much as he can .I request , this types of workshops should always be happen so that everyone could know about future journey their of carrer

Vikas kumar, B.Tech (Punjab engineering collage, Chandigarh)

At first Thank you taking so much efforts for arranging such an amazing workshop. It was very helpful for me as student I got to learn about many different things. The room breakout sessions was very helpful as the expert gave some useful advices which I would be happy to implement it in my career.

Latika Keni (D.Y Patil University)

Session was insightful also so it is is recommended for every e B tech graduate and second and third year students so that they can change the the direction of their career path before placement season starts. I request to conduct more sessions targeting pre final year and final year students in BTech.

Srinivas Gunaditya Padala (Trainee at Infosys)

iSTEMCare is a platform where all kind of researcher and students can get to know new opportunities and suggestions. Multiple Interviews with experts and workshops is really very helpful and motivating

Ankita Singh, Ph.D. (Open Health Systems Laboratory (OHSL), USA

It is one of the most influential step by iSTEM Care to help people in order to make decisions and strategy. This organisation works on systematic procedure to find the loopholes in people’s approach. I am very lucky to get introduced with such awesome organization.

Akash Kumar Singh (Industry Professional)

It’s my first time attending iSTEMcare workshop but I didn’t have a idea that this one will be more interactive and energetic. I felt the positivity in this workshop and was happy after attending this. Thank you to the entire iSTEMcare team.

Priya Dharssini S (Tamilnadu agricultural University)

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