Webinar 2: Personal Branding on LinkedIn

What?: Event 2 “Linkedin Personal Branding” was jointly presented by iSTEMCare and STEMpeers for masters, Ph.D., Post Docs, and Job seekers in STEM.

Where & When?: held virtually on 23, October 2020 at 10:00 (EST) /20:30 (IST) on Zoom Platform.

Who?: Attended by 204 registered partcipants across the world.

How?: Both basics of LinkedIn & hand-on of building linkedin profilw

Key learnings from this webinar

  1. What is Personal Branding & how to do it?
  2. What is LinkedIn & why its useful for networking?
  3. How to build LinkedIn profile from scratch?
  4. How to regularly maintain Linkedin profile for personal branding?
  5. Hand on session for LinkedIn profile buidling

Do you enjoyed this Webinar? Leave us a comment here – one short line is enough! And please do include your Twitter handle – so that, we can thank you personally!

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